William Bluford Barwick

William Bluford Barwick was an uncle of Richard White's 2-great grandmother Winnifred Elizabeth Barwick White.  He was born 10 March 1815 in Washington County, Georgia, and first married Mary Henderson who died by 1857.  He married Exa Ann Arline Davis in Thomas County, Georgia, on 24 December 1857.

The name William Bluford (or Blueford) Barwick can be confusing, especially since three of them were living in Thomas County at the time of the 1850 census.  The first, foremost, elder of those was William B. Barwick, Jr., who was born in Darlington District, South Carolina on 30 August 1795.  He was father of Winnifred Elizabeth Barwick who married Joseph G. White, and he was a 3-great grandfather of Richard White. The following published information is about him:

William Barwick served in the GA Militia 1814-1815, Few's Regiment-Captain Edwards's Company, Washington County where he was residing at the time. He was discharged at Burke Co, GA.
...Records show that on May 17,1827 William Barwick won Land Lottery of Georgia.. Captains Dist-Currys No 127 Dist 2 Troup CO, GA.
William and Sarah were among the first settlers in the wilderness now known as Barwick,Georgia, located on the lines dividing Thomas and Brook counties, thus the town being named Barwick for them.
"History of Thomas County, Georgia"
From newspaper article:
"On July 6, 1855, Walsh, a slave belonging to Major E.R. Young was being hung in Thomasville. During the excitement Augustus C. Swain got into an altercation with Mr. William Barwick and killed him by stabbing. Green Johnson having come in for discussion as assisting in the killing.  Swain was placed in jail but before trial escaped by means of a key made by a gunsmith, living near old McDONALD. At Montgomery John Swain who was accompanying his brother whom he resembled was arrested but was released as soon as he demonstrated that he didn't fit Gus Swain's description. The two brothers located in Texas and several mornings thereafter were accosted by Gen. L.E. Blackshear who moved to Texas because he thought Thomas County overcrowded. This was hint enough that the fugitives were not far enough from home. They moved and Gus became sheriff of his county, but was afterwards killed by Indians. In 1898, John Swain visited Thomasville and discussed fully with Col. A.T. MacIntyre and Judge Hansell, the only two acquaintances he could find, the brother's experiences."

William was named administrator for the estate of John Whittle, Sarah's father on April 4, 1837.

The second William B. Barwick living in Thomas County in 1850 was a son of William B. Barwick, Jr., William B. Barwick, III.

The third William B. Barwick living in Thomas County in 1850 was a son of John J. Barwick who was an older brother of William B. Barwick, Jr., born in Darlington District, South Carolina, on 8 June 1791.  The father of William B. Barwick, Jr. and John J. Barwick, William B. Barwick, Sr. and his brother Joshua, served with their father, another William Barwick (b 1755 - d. 31 August 1807), in Kennedy's Company of the Dobbs County, North Carolina Militia, in the American Revolution.

William Bluford Barwick (son of John J. Barwick) was born in Washington County, Georgia, on 10 March 1815.  He served as a wagoner with Company C of the 12th Georgia Militia, which participated in the Atlanta campaign and surrendered at the end of the war at Augusta, Georgia.  Records of this unit are scant, but according to oral history he was wounded during this militia service.   He died at Pine Park in Thomas County, Georgia, on 5 April 1879 and was buried at the Long Branch Baptist Church in Thomas (now Grady) County, Georgia, as were both of his wives.  His widow, Exa Ann, collected a Georgia Confederate pension based on his service.

Exa Ann Arline Davis was a daughter of L. C. Davis and thus a granddaughter of Richard White's 3-great grandfather Joseph Davis:

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Cairo Messenger, November 22, 1907
Notice from "Akridge Items"
Died at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. E. A. Barwick, Mr. L. C. Davis, on November the 9th.  He was born in Screven county in 1812.  He was ninety-five years six months and three days old.  His parents moved to Decatur county when he was seventeen.  He gave his heart to God when a young man, and was always an anxious worker for the good of his community, and helped to constitute many churches in this county.  He was all that was noble and brave and a true husband and affectionate father.  His remains were laid to rest in the family lot at Long Branch church on Nov. 10th.  Rev. Geo. Hurst and Rev. Jesse Cannon conducted the services at the grave.  Funeral services will be held at Long Branch in his honor, by Rev. Geo. Taylor who has been his pastor for twenty-two years.

NOTE:  I copied the quoted materials above from a web site of Susan Barwick Elliott and C. Jefferson Barwick: Barwick Family Genealogy  and my discussion of kinship of the various William B. Barwicks is derived from the writings of Robert Dan Barwick and Allen J. Barwick which are posted on the same site.  The photo of this William B. Barwick was from a link from that site to be found at: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~barwickfamily/william_blueford_photo.htm

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