L. C. Davis

L. C. Davis was a brother of my mother's paternal great grandfather... my mother's father's father's father's brother.  He was simply known as L. C. Davis, and sometimes that was written "Ell C.", but it is thought that his first name was actually Leon.  He was born in Screven County, Georgia, on 6 April 1812.  He married Asenith Malison Jones on 17 October 1831 in Decatur County, Georgia.  She was a niece of Jonathan C. Hawthorn and she was probably the daughter of (Patsy) Martha Hawthorn and Robert Jones.  L. C. and Asenith had 12 children, including Jasper N. Davis and John W. Davis, both of whom died in Confederate military service in Virginia.

L.C. Davis served in the Georgia Militia, Captain Hawthorn's Company, of which his brother, my 2-great grandfather, Jonas B. Davis, was first sergeant, in 1837 during the 2d Creek War.  He also served in Company C of the 12th Georgia Militia on state service under the Confederacy.  He received bounty lands for the Indian War service and drew both a federal pension for the Indian War service and a state pension for Confederate service.

L. C. Davis's original Confederate pension application was filed in Thomas County, Georgia, and I have not looked at that.  Grady County was created effective 1 January 1906 from parts of Thomas and Decatur counties, and living within the new county necessitated a new pension application in 1906 because such applications were handled by the specific county of residence.  That application I have seen.

L.C. Davis died in Grady County, Georgia, on 9 November 1907.  He was buried in the cemetery of the Long Branch Baptist Church just north of Cairo, Grady County, Georgia.  

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