Bryant R. Welch

Bryant R. Welch was a brother of Richard White's father's mother's mother's mother, Martha Ann Welch, of Thomas County, Georgia.

Bryant R. Welch was Richard White's great great great uncle.  He was born, probably in Georgia, circa 1831.  He is shown as having been enrolled in the 59th Georgia Infantry Regiment, Company A, as a private (with his name spelled as "Briant Welch") on 3 May 1862, and the last record on file related to his service with that unit, dated November 1862, shows him "At home in Georgia on sick furlough granted in hospital at Macon, Ga. or Richmond, Va."  He later served in Company E, 9th Florida Infantry Regiment.   He was enrolled in that company on 21 February 1863 and was wounded at Cold Harbor.  He died of his wounds on 30 July 1864 in Hamilton County, Florida.

Information on Bryant R. Welch's service with the 9th Florida Infantry Regiment was received from Ruth Welch via e-mail on 13 March 2000.

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