Richard M. Sellars

I love the words "Rebel Archives" the Union Army rubber stamped on captured Confederate records. The instructions printed on the Confederate disability discharge form state that it was to be completed in duplicate, and there are two copies of Richard M. Sellars' discharge in the Compiled Confederate Service Records. They are not exact duplicates. Each was initially written out by or for the certifying surgeon in longhand with more or less the same wording. After the surgeon was through with them, they were folded together for transmittal and filing. Subsequent endorsements were made on the back of the outer copy. The only endorsement the inner copy ever received was the Union Army's "Rebel Archives" rubber stamp. The acidic ink used in printing, handwriting and rubber stamping the discharge document has bled through from both sides of the outer copy making them both more difficult to read. For that reason, I scanned the front side of the inner copy of the discharge for this web page, but of course to show the endorsements I could only scan the back side of the outer copy (shown below)... bleed-through and all.

Richard M. Sellars' Confederate Discharge Certificate (back side)

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