James A. Peacock

James A. Peacock was Richard White's 3-great uncle.  His father was Alexander Peacock, Jr., and his mother was Elizabeth Sellers, who was a sister of Richard White's 2-great grandfather Jacob Benjamin SellersElizabeth Sellers and Alexander Peacock were married in Pulaski County, Georgia, in 1833.

James A. Peacock was enrolled in the Thomas County Seventeenth Patriots, Company K of the 29th Georgia Infantry Regiment, as a private, on 4 October 1861.  He died of fever on 10 July 1862.

NOTE:  In the 1850 census for Thomas County, Georgia, Allen and James Peacock appeared in the household of William Sasser and his wife Sarah.  Sarah was Sarah Davis, a sister of Richard White's 2-great grandfather Jonas B. Davis

In that same census of 1850 the Alexander and Elizabeth Peacock household was enumerated in both Baker County, Georgia (on 2 January 1850) and Thomas County, Georgia (on 14 August 1850).  It's clearly the same household, but  "William Cellers" age 76 (i.e. born about 1774), who was there said to have been born in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, appears in the household only in the Baker County census.  This was William Sellers, the father of  Elizabeth Sellers Peacock and Jacob Benjamin Sellers.  In the 1840 census for Thomas County, Georgia, William Sellars' household was listed four away from that of Alexander Peacock, Jr.  Alexander Peacock, Sr.'s family was enumerated in the 1830 census for Pulaski County, Georgia.

Jonas B. Davis was my mother's father's father's father.

Jacob Benjamin Sellers was my
father's mother's father's father.

Acknowledgments: Martha Rainey identified Alexander Peacock, Jr., and Elizabeth Sellers' family.  Georgia L. Fletcher surveyed the census data related to the family.

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