Alexander Peacock, III

Alexander Peacock, III, was Richard White's 3-great uncle.  His father was Alexander Peacock, Jr., and his mother was Elizabeth Sellers, who was a sister of Richard White's 2-great grandfather Jacob Benjamin Sellers.

Alexander Peacock, III, was enrolled in the Thomas County Volunteers, Company H of the 29th Georgia Infantry Regiment, as a private, on 6 May 1862.  He was wounded at Atlanta, Georgia, on 22 July 1864 and was captured at Nashville, Tennessee, on 16 December 1864.  He was paroled from Camp Chase, Illinois, on 2 May 1865 and released at Vicksburg, Mississippi, on 12 May 1865.

Acknowledgment: Martha Rainey identified Alexander Peacock, Jr., and Elizabeth Sellers' family.

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