Angus McQuien

Angus McQuien (the family actually spelled the name McQuien rather than the more usual McQueen, which may signify that they originated from Ayr  rather than Skye, or not... I can't really say that I know) was a brother of Richard White's 2-great grandmother Mary McQuien Autry.  Mary was Richard's mother's mother's mother's mother.  Angus, Mary, and another brother, John A. McQuien, were sons of John D. McQuien who arrived in Sumter County before 1840, and Sarah McMullen, who apparently died before 1840.  John D. and Sarah were married in Cumberland County, North Carolina, on 29 September 1814.

Angus McQueen was enrolled on 1 March 1862, at Americus, Sumter County, Georgia, and served as a corporal in Companies A and B of the 11th Georgia Volunteer Artillery Battalion which was called the Sumter Flying Artillery, and also Cutts Flying Artillery.

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