Wiley W. Hare

The relationship, if any, of Wiley W. Haire to Richard White is unknown.

Wiley W. Hair, was enrolled in Company B of the 5th Florida Cavalry Battalion at Quincy, Florida, on 22 June 1863 and was recorded on 5 May 1865 as being absent without leave since 24 December 1864; however he was surrendered as Wiley W. Hare at Tallahassee, Florida, on 10 May 1865 and was present to be paroled on 16 May 1865.  His name was spelled Hare or Hair in various records of his Confederate military service.  It appears that he or his widow applied for a Confederate pension while living in River Junction (which is now known as Chattahoochee), Florida, in 1922.

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