George W. Haire

To the best that can be determined at present, George W. Haire was a 1st cousin 3 times removed of Richard White.

George W. Haire was enrolled in Company D of the 5th Florida Cavalry Battalion in Quincy, Florida, on 27 August 1863 and was surrendered at Tallahassee, Florida, while absent on leave, on 10 May 1865 and was paroled on 16 May 1865.  He was paid for use and risk of his own horse, and though it is not entirely clear what that rate of pay was, it appears that it brought his monthly income considerably above the $11.00 per month which was the pay of a Confederate private.

George W. Haire was the second-oldest son of Jesse and Diery or Dicey Wilson Hair and was probably born in Baker County, Georgia, about 1844.  He lived in Thomas County, Georgia, in 1870; in Gadsden County, Florida in 1880; in Leon County, Florida, in 1885;  and possibly in Concord, Gadsden County, Florida, at some point along the way.  He died in Bainbridge, Decatur County, Georgia, on 17 September 1891.
George W. Haire's widow, Sallie Haire, applied for a Confederate widow's pension from the State of Georgia.  Below is a copy of the marriage affidavit that she provided as part of that application:

Sally, also called Sarah, lived on till at least 1930 at which time she was living in Seminole County, Georgia, in the home of her daughter Chloe Lambert, wife of William Lambert.  In 1900 she lived in Cairo (then in Thomas County, now in Grady County), in the home of her daughter Mary B. Brooks, wife of Council Brooks.  There she happened to live next door to my grandfather Charley Henry White's full-sister Alice V. Handley, wife of James W. Handley.

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