John Hare

This John Hare is presumed to have somehow been related to Richard White, but if there is a relationship its exact nature is still unknown

John Hare was enrolled in Company B of the 5th Florida Cavalry Battalion at Quincy, Florida, on 13 July 1863.  In the Civil War era a battalion was a unit that was slightly smaller than a regiment, and included fewer companies.  Other Hare or Hair members of this battalion include: Little Berry, Wiley W. and George W.  Owen S. Glenn who served in the 5th Florida Cavalry was the husband of this John, Little Berry, and Wiley's sister, Queen Ann Hare.  Other brothers were Daniel (who who lived near *my* 2-great grandfather John Hair in Liberty County, Florida, in 1860 and apparently did not serve) and Elijah.  Their father was Raiford Hare.  That leaves George Washington Hare as odd man out...  He was a son of Jesse Hair... and Jesse Hare was a brother of *my* 2-great grandfather John Hair, who served in Company L. of the 1st Florida Reserve Infantry Regiment, along with Elijah.  I am not certain of this, but I believe that *my* 2-great grandfather John Hair and Jesse were sons of a different Elijah Hair, who lived in Decatur County, Georgia, in 1830, and who was possibly a half brother to Edmond, Thomas C. and William Hair, who lived 5 households away (in Decatur County in 1830).


 Although the information presented here is as accurate as I have been able to make it after about 35 years off and on, of trying to sort this family out, I still do not know many times more than I know for sure about them, so more than any other of my family lines I caveat what I say about the Haires as subject to revision upon finding additional information.
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