James W. Prevatt

James W. Prevatt was Richard White's second cousin 5 times removed.

James W. Prevatt was the second cousin once removed of my great great grandmother Clarissa Prevatt Davis.  He was born in Columbia County, Florida, in about 1831, and married Sarah Williams in Columbia County, Florida about 1853.  Sarah later remarried to John Crews, Jr., son of John Crews, Sr., and Catherine Prevatt... James W. Prevatt's sister.

James W. Prevatt "age 30 years" was enrolled in Company F, 8th Florida Infantry Regiment, in Baldwin Florida, on 1 May 1862, and the unit was mustered in at Midway, Gadsden County, Florida on 17 May 1862.  He was hospitalized in the Confederate General Hospital in Danville, Receiving and Wayside Hospital or General Hospital No. 9 in Richmond, General Hospital Howard's Grove in Richmond, Chimborazo Hospital No. 5 in Richmond, and the Florida Hospital in Richmond, for "severe rheumatism" from late  December 1862 through May 1863 or later.  He was captured during the second day of the Battle of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, on 3 July 1863, imprisoned at Ft. McHenry, Maryland, and Fort Delaware, Delaware, and died of typhoid fever in September 1863 while a prisoner of war at Fort Delaware. 

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