Alfred R. Prevatt

Alfred R. Prevatt was Richard White's second cousin, four times removed.

Alfred R. Prevatt was the second cousin of my great great grandmother Clarissa Prevatt Davis.  He was born in Robeson County, North Carolina, in 1841.  He was enrolled as a private in Company E, 51st North Carolina Infantry Regiment in Robeson County on 28 February 1862.  He was reported on company rolls as a deserter as of 15 June 1862 but returned to duty sometime in July or August 1862, was reported absent without leave in September and October, was again listed as a deserter by March & April of 1863 and was dropped from the rolls in 1863.  As he seemed intent on doing, Alfred R. Prevatt survived the war.  He may have found refuge with those deserters and draft resisters who tended to accumulate in remote parts of Robeson County in the last year or two of the war, and were in an organized state of hostility with Confederate authorities there.

                Company E, 51st North Carolina State Troops

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