William P. Carter

William P. Carter was the brother of the first husband of Richard White's father's father's mother.

William P. Carter was born in North Carolina about about 1834 and lived in Thomas County, Georgia.   On 3 October 1861 he was enrolled in the "Wiregrass Rifles", which later became the 61st Georgia Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company C ; however, at the time he joined the unit it was most likely known as the 7th Georgia Infantry Battalion.   He did not live to see any of the 61st Georgia Infantry's illustrious career as part of the Lawton-Gordon-Evans Georgia Brigade of the Army of Northern Virginia.  He contracted measles a few weeks after entering military service; died in Thomasville, Georgia, on 15 November 1861; and is buried in Laurel Hill Cemetery there.

William P. Carter married Lucy Ann Singletary in Thomas County, Georgia, on 10 March 1853, and they had four children: Sarah, Horis, Redding, and Levi Elezer.  The photograph is of Levi Elezer Carter.  Levi Elizer Carter was a close neighbor of my grandfather Charley Henry White, and my father, Herman E. White, as shown in the 1930 U.S. Census for Grady County, Georgia.

                  History of the 61st Georgia Infantry Regiment

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