James C. Haire

To the best that can be determined presently, James C. Haire was a 1st cousin 3 times removed of Richard White.

James C. Haire was enrolled as 3rd Sergeant in Company D, 17th Regiment of Georgia Volunteer Infantry at Bainbridge, Georgia, on 15 August 1861. He was admitted to Chimborazo Hospital # 3 at Richmond, Virginia, on 18 April 1862 and transferred to Camp Winder on 8 May 1862.  He was wounded at Chickamauga on 19 September 1863, spent time (the record is inconsistent, but perhaps till as late as February 1865) in the Confederate hospital at Quincy, Florida, and was given convalescent leave at home.  Apparently he never returned to active duty.  He surrendered at Thomasville, Georgia, on 15 May 1865.

James C. Haire was the oldest son of Jesse Hair, born about 1837.  After the war he resided in Thomas County, Georgia.


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