Henry Rehberg

Henry Rehberg was Richard White's great great great uncle.

Henry Rehberg, the third son of Fred and Sophie Rehberg, was born (probably somewhere in Georgia) on 23 April 1838. He served as a private in Company D, 17th Regiment of Georgia Volunteer Infantry. He was wounded at Drewry's Bluff and died on 20 August 1862, at Richmond, Virginia. His oldest brother, Charles Rehberg, acting as attorney-in-fact for their father, collected $127.03 (pay from 28 February to 20 August 1862 - 5 months & 20 days @ 11.00 per month - $62.33; [enlistment] bounty - $50.00; & clothing allowance $14.70) from the Confederate government. To get that payment took from 26 December 1862 when Frederick Rehberg swore an affidavit and 28 December 1862 when he appointed Charles Rehberg his attorney-in-fact, to 1 April 1863 when it was actually disbursed to Charles Rehberg in Richmond.

The 17th Georgia Volunteer Infantry Regiment was originally Benning's Regiment, and later became a constituent part of Benning's Brigade, commanded by Gen. Henry Lewis ("Old Rock") Benning, after whom Ft. Benning, Georgia was named.  The initial commander of D Company, Captain Charles Geddes Campbell, suffered from what was diagnosed as apoplexy, and resigned in 1863, but shortly after was assigned to command Campbell's Independent Company of Georgia Siege Artillery which garrisoned Fort Ward (a Confederate reconstruction of Spanish Fort San Marcos de Apalachee) at St. Marks, Florida.  My great great grandfather John Shepard Haven and one of his sons, Green Berry Haven, served under Campbell there.


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