A Photo Tour of Soldiers Cemetery
Eastern Cemetery
Quincy, Florida

A few words before we begin the actual tour:

This Photo Tour is in two phases.  The first is a general walk around and through...  The second is a close look at some of the details of disrepair of the site.  By clicking on each photo, a larger version of it is made available.  If you would like that larger image to be very large, at 1152 x 864 pixels, stay on this page.  If that size is too large for your taste (or if you want the photos to "load" faster), you can click here to switch to a page that links to a not-quite-so-large 640 x 480 pixel version of each photo.

Soldiers Cemetery is within the Eastern Cemetery, so called because it is near the eastern edge of the town of Quincy, Florida.  It can be entered from U.S. Highway 90, through a brick entryway.

It is on the north side of the highway, so if you are headed west, you turn right to enter.  There is a small paved road to be seen on your left shortly after you enter the cemetery.  If you have a small vehicle perhaps you can park off of the edge of the pavement just after you turn... or perhaps it would be better to continue to the northwest corner of the cemetery where there are several larger areas available for parking near the northwest entryway.

Soldiers Cemetery is actually to the southeast of that first paved turn to the left... that is to say that it is to the right as you enter and behind you as you turn left.  It is a short distance down a grassy vehicular access way... but trying to enter that access way with a vehicle is inadvisable.  It is very difficult to perceive, narrow, and has no turnaround at its end.

The large oak tree in the foreground of this photograph has actually grown into and destroyed the southwestern corner of the iron fence that defines Soldiers Cemetery.  You can see a large opening through the fence to the east of the tree.


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