This is the inside page from the 1904 edition of a book Citrus Fruit and their Culture written by Hardrada Harold Hume that my grandfather K. Walter Davis got from Dr. Franklin Miles.  When grandpa was hired to manage Graham and Shriver Groves in Fort Myers in the early 1920s he didn't know anything about citrus cultivation.  But my grandmother's parents had worked for Dr. Miles on his estate on the Caloosahatchee near Fort Myers.  America's first patent medicine magnate, Dr. Miles (founder of Miles Laboratories) had retired to Southwest Florida and experimented with cultivation of all kinds of plants for a number of years.  Though Graham and Shriver failed as a business  in the Depression that had nothing to do with how their grove was cultivated, and grandpa went to to grow citrus fruit for himself and as a vocation for the rest of his life.

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