James H. ("Uncle Jim") Carter was my grandpa Charles Henry White's half-brother.   His father, James M. Carter, had served in the 5th Florida Infantry in the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia and died in the Union prisoner of war camp at Elmira, New York, on 11 October 1864.  My great grandma Sarah Spears had married (William?) Norton and William A. White (my great grandpa) since then.  James H. Carter inherited property from the estate of his grandfather, Herring Carter, of Thomas County, Georgia, and at the time of that inheritance was the only child of James M. Carter who was still a minor.  The inheritance was half interest in 100 acres of land and a grist mill on "Tyred Creek".  His sister Martha ("Mattie") Carter Jordan inherited the other half interest.  The guardian for the inheritance, John A. Spears, had served in the 50th Georgia Infantry in the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia and was great grandma's only brother to survive the war.  John A. Spears was known also as James A. Spears both in Confederate military records and in the public records of Decatur County, Georgia, where he settled part of my 2-great grandfather Allen Spears' estate.  I do not know whether or not William and Sarah White had died at the time this guardianship was established, but if they had not they died soon after.

Richard White
19 October 1999
Revised 5 January 2002