Ralph Nader
Richard White hanging out with Ralph Nader circa 1979

Canopy FCU

Richard White and Linda McLaughlin at a Canopy Federal Credit Union board of directors meeting circa 1980... Richard was president and Linda was credit union manager.

Baby Blayne

Richard, Linda, and Blayne White (age 3 wks), photo taken 7 January 1984

Emaciated Richard

Richard White, March 1975

Emaciated Richard

Richard White, March 1975

Rex Beach Farms

My Dad, Herman White, at Rex Beach Farms, circa 1938

Annie Haire

My great-aunt Annie Haire/Osteen/Harrison at the Autry/Haire farm about 1930 (?)

Candide Candid

Richard White faces down Rodin's bust of Francois Arouet (aka Voltaire) in the National Gallery, Washington D.C., 4 July 1976. Note the standard military-issue one-quart canteen on my belt. Only moments after the photo was snapped, a guard evicted me as a potential art defacer with a dangerous canteen of... You guessed it... water!

Unknown Autry/Haire

Who is this? My great-grandfather James Daniel Haire? My great-great grandfather John English Autry? Some distant uncle? Some distant aunt's boyfriend...? Well, not the latter... for sure. The family resemblance is unmistakable. This is a copy of a tintype I found at the Autry/Haire farmhouse.

Unknown Kin?

More unknown kinfolks, I guess. A photograph found at the Autry/Haire farmhouse... obviously not as old as the tintype, but very old. Again, a family resemblance appears but it is not as clear as with the tintype.

Narcisis Hudson

My unrepentantly agnostic farmer second cousin Narcisis Sellars (Mrs. Grady Hudson), photo taken by me at her house in 1976.

Sellars Reunion

Narcisis Hudson and her brother and sister whose names I currently disremember, photo taken by me at a Sellars family reunion at the Grady County (Georgia) Civic Auditorium April 1976.

Sellars kids

Some of the youngest generation of the Sellars progeny (names now forgotten), photo taken by me at the Sellars family reunion, April 1976.

Edmund Kirby-Smith

Statue of Edmund Kirby-Smith, a native of Jacksonville, Florida, and commander of the Confederate Army of the Trans-Mississippi West (in the basement of the U.S. Capitol), photo taken by Richard White on 4 July 1976.

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