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           Company D, 1st Battalion, 502d Infantry Regiment
                      101st Airborne Division (Airmobile)

               A Short Unofficial History of its Service - Vietnam, 1967-1972


The following information was compiled from the experiences and memories of members
of the Vietnam Veterans of D Co., 1st/502d Infantry Association, and from Battalion
Annual Historical Supplements acquired from the National Archives and 101st Division
HQ.  There is no doubt that significant errors and or omissions may have been made
in its creation.  Corrections and additions should be sent to Michael Kelley, 2140
36th Street, Sacramento, Ca 95817; e-mail address: kelleyc@ix.netcom.com

Company D, 1st Battalion, 502d Infantry's Unit History in Vietnam:

1st/502d Infantry & its D Company arrived in Vietnam on 16 Dec 67, and the 502d
Infantry Regiment's colors were retired in a ceremony held on 8 Feb 72.

Shelby Stanton's VIETNAM ORDER OF BATTLE contains the following Bn chronology:

     Location            Service Dates        Major Command

     Cu Chi              Dec 67 - Jan68       2d Brigade
     Cu Chi/Hue          Feb 68               2d Brigade
     Cu Chi Quang Tri    Mar 68               2d Brigade
     Cu Chi/Phu Bai      Apr 68 - Oct 68      2d Brigade
     Bien Hoa/Phu Bai    Nov 68               2d Brigade
     Van Xa              Dec 69 - Mar 70      2d Brigade
     Phu Bai             Apr 70 - Feb 72      2d Brigade

The 1st Battalion, 502d Infantry arrived at Bien Hoa Airbase 15 Dec 67, and was
almost immediately deployed to Cu Chi (25 km NW of and just south of the "Iron
Triangle" in III Corps).

During the last half of Dec 67, the Bn made four separate contacts with the enemy,
resulting in 1 KIA and 6 WIA.  The Bn was credited with 4 enemy KIA by body count in
those engagements.

The Battalion's first CA took place at 0807 hrs, 3 Jan 68 when all companies were
airlifted in the vicinity of Cu Chi.  That day (3 Jan 68), D Co made heavy contact,
and that night all NDPs of the Bn were mortared, resulting in 1 KIA, 23 slightly WIA
and 13 WIA evacuated.  In the early morning hours of 4 Jan 68, A and D Co NDPs
received rockets in their perimeter, and later that day, C Co made heavy contact
resulting in 7 KIA and 1 WIA.  Total casualties for the day were 36 WIA, 1 MIA
(later revised to KIA) and 8 KIA (9, with the MIA found).  Enemy losses were put at
27 KIA and 2 WIA/POW.

All in all, 1968 got off to a very painful and costly beginning.

On 7 Jan 68, the Bn CA'd to the very historic LZ X-Ray, at the foot of the Chu Pong
Mountain in the Ia Drang Valley on the Cambodian border and site of the first major
battle of the American War in Vietnam (1st Cav Div, Nov 65) some three years
earlier.  It made no contact there and departed 10 Jan 68.

14 Jan 68 it CA'd to LZ Gold (XT, 40 km WSW of An Loc, 11 km WSW of FSB Parry, 18 km
S of Cambodian border, 7 km W of Rte 244, 7 km NE Suoi Ba Hoa River and site Battle
of Suoi Tre, 21 Mar 67), in western III Corps, and worked that area until 19 Jan 68.

Initially, D company deployed to the Cu Chi area in south-central Vietnam.  In early
Feb 68, shortly after the opening enemy attacks of the massive TET Offensive, the
Battalion was moved north to Quang Tri.  En route, it stopping first at Phu Bai
Airport then bivouaced briefly at nearby LZ El Paso (later to become Camp Eagle), a
1st Cav Division firebase.  The battalion was Opcon to the 1st Cav Division in
preparation for efforts to eradicate the NVA/VC that had infiltrated into the area
north of Hue in support of the enemy forces holding that Imperial Capitol.  It then
moved north to Quang Tri and joined operations with the Cav in that area.  Units of
the 1st Cav, and 101st Division (some elements of the 101st among them) also
attacked south along QL-1 (Hwy 1) and toward the northern quadrants of Hue City.

Col John Cushman, 2d Bde commander at the time, recalls that the Cav was intially
very timid with its support of those 2d Bde elements working with it.  The Cav
apparently husbanded their aerial resources almost entirely for Cav units (partly
the result of self-interest and partly out of the professional rivalry between the
two proud Airborne Divisions) and it was very difficult for the 101st units to get
airlift scheduled for CAs or even visual recons.  Once the 2d Bde elements began
proving themselves stubborn and aggressive opponents in increasing contacts with the
NVA/VC, the Cav began to accept them as part of the First Team and provide more
thoughtful and timely assistance.

Operation Jeb Stuart, the operation to rid the Quang Tri/Thua Thien area of NVA/VC
and liberate Hue began in early February.  In the fighting that followed, the Army
lost more casualties in one week than the Marines lost in their very famous and
much-publicized month-long fight to liberate Hue (attacking from the south).

Unfortunately, histories of the Battle for Hue generally ignore the US Army's and
ARVN's participation despite the fact both those units suffered significantly more
casualties than the Marines.  In fact, the ARVN were reported to have suffered
approximately 12,000 casualties in uncharacteristically spirited and aggressive
fighting along the western and eastern outskirts of the city.  (Speculation suggests
elements other than the Marines were ignored because the press did not accompany
those elements and likely knew little or nothing of their engagements).

Where Army units were concerned, initial contact with the enemy in the Battle for
Hue apparently occurred near the village of Van Xa/PK 17, an area part of what was
known generally as the "Street Without Joy" (and which later became the
site of LZ Sally; adjacent to the village of Van Xa) perhaps ten kilometers
northwest of Hue.  At about the time these elements fought through to the northern
outskirts of Hue City itself, the enemy broke contact and fled north, west and east
to avoid annihilation.

The fight for Hue was over but much fighting remained to eliminate the large number
of enemy units that had filtered in amongst the populated areas in the coastal
lowland paddies, hedgerows and sand dunes surrounding the coastal village of Quang
Dien, northeast of Hue.  That effort was focused in three major Operations,
Carentan, 10 Mar 68 - 19 Apr 68, immediately followed by Carentan II (Lam Son 216)
19 Apr 68 - 17 May 68, and Nevada Eagle (Lam Son 224) 16 May 68 - 15 Aug 68?.

D Company suffered high casualty rates during its participation in the Quang
Tri/Thua Thien Province operations to liberate Hue (one D Co soldier who died in the
early fighting was Roland Levesque).  Casualties began to mount greatly once
concentrations of the enemy operating in the coastal plains were located and fixed
in place.  On 3 Mar 68, while supporting D company, the Bn Commander's C & C
Bird was stiched with enemy ground fire, wounding the command pilot, Bn CO LTC Jack
Bishop, his RTO and the Bn S-2.  According to the 68 Historical Supplement, the S-2
was DOA at Quang Tri.

Unfortunately, 14 days of the Bn Daily Journal were destroyed during a 122mm Rocket
attack on or about  30 Apr 68, when Bn TOC at FSB Bastogne burned (happend just as
the Bn was OPCONed to the 1st Bde, 16 Apr - 30 Apr 68) and that part of the Bn's

official history was lost forever as a result.  In Dec 68, 258 surviving personnel of
the Bn DEROSed to CONUS, the first major impact of the one year tour prescribed for
all US troops.  Coupled with the Bn's high casualty rates, roughly 90% of the Bn's
well-trained and highly motivated troops were lost to their successors by the end of
first year!

The Battalion was awarded the Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross w/Palm for the
period 19 Apr - 15 Aug 68.  Casualties suffered by the Company and Battalion during
1968 were:

               144 KIA (hostile)
               769 WIA (hostile)

  1st Bn/502d Infantry awards for 1968 were:

               Distinguished Service Cross   1
               Siver Star                    35
               Distinguished Flying Cross    4
               Legion of Merit               1
               Bronze Star w/V Device        122
               Bronze Star                   528
               ARCOM w/V Device              71
               ARCOM                         141
               Air Medal                     30
               Purple Heart                  913

During the spring and summer of 1969 the Company & Battalion was frequently
engaged in very serious fighting and suffered heavy casualties (possibly as high as
70%) as a result.  Much of the fighting occurred in the vicinity of Fire Support
Bases (FSB's) Veghel & Bastogne (Lash and Zon, possibly as well).  For that
period, the Battalion was awarded a Valorous Unit Award (12 Mar - 8 May 69).

On 1 Mar 69, the battalion initiated Operation Massachusetts Striker in Nam Hoa
District and Quong Thuong Districts.  Its mission was to conduct combat assaults on
FSB Veghel and recon in force in that area.  The operation later continued
southeast, astride Hwy 614 in Quang Nam Province and ended 8 May 69.

Massachusetts Striker was considered very successful from a military point of view
in that 115 VC/NVA were KIA and 3 were taken POW; however, its most significant
aspect was the discovery of a series of huge caches along the "Yellow Brick
Road" leading from the A Shau Valley.  Large supplies of equipment and weapons
were found about 45 miles west of Da Nang and included: 13 Chicom trucks, 1 soviet
scout car, 2 bulldozers, 1 ambulance, medical supplies food stuffs and a large
number of field telephone/radio electronics.  Among the weapons and ammo found were
632 SKS rifles packed in their original crates (that supplied the troops of the
1/502d Inf with war souvenirs for years to follow!).  It was estimated the material
would have supplied an NVA Division for a full year.

On 15 May 69, the 1st/502d was Opcon to the Americal Division and its 1st/46th Inf
for Operation Lamar Plain, in the Chu Lai/Tam Ky area south of Da Nang.  During the
operation, the battalion again suffered very heavy casualties while operating out of
FSBs Hustler, Professional and Americal's 1st Bde HQ at Hua Duc (new & old).  On
1 Aug 69, the 1st/502d also built FSB Boxer for the Americal.

During Lamar Plains, the Battalion made two significant discoveries in the mountains
southwest of Tam Ky.  On 1 Jul 69, it found a cache containing 111 individual
weapons, 33 crew served weapons, three tons of ammunition and 17 bicycles.  The
second find was a 15 building hospital complex.  Lamar Plains ended 14 Aug 69, and
the 1st/502d Inf returned to control of the 101st Abn, out of LZ Sally.

On 14 Aug 69, Operation Claireborne Chute was begun in the vicinity of FSBs
Birmingham, Arsenal, Arrow and Pohl Bridge (named after Col. Richard S. Pohl, KIA
in 24 Jun 68 helicopter crash or shoot-down).  Contact was light but the battalion
expended a considerable effort at improving the fortifications of FSB Birmingham and
Pohl Bridge.  Claireborne Chute ended 28 September and was followed immediately by
Operation Republic Square in the same AO.  During that operation, contact was again
light and the Battalion worked extensively monitoring the rocket belt around Nui Ke
and training with RF/PF units.  Republic Square ended 7 Dec 69.

On 3 Sep 69, Delta Company Commanding Officer Richard C. Miller (Jacksonville, AL)
and seven(?)other D Company men were killed in a tragic helicopter accident near FSB
T-Bone.  Other casualties included Neil Epifanio, Gary Evans, Louis Mills, Leroy
Rutherford and a trooper named Conathan (?).  Adding to the magnitude of the tragedy
was the fact that either Miller or Evans was the stepson of the then 1st/502d Inf
Battalion Commander (LTC Demming) and the Colonel flew out to investigate the crash
that very sad day only to discover his stepson was one of the victims.

On 19 Sep 69 and along the creek-bed of Khe Ke Creek (at YD 766-074, appx 7 km S of
Pohl Bridge and 5km SSW of Nam Hoa District HQ), elements of Alpha and D Company
found the bones of appx 3,000 Hue City citizens (govt employees, teachers, doctors,
professionals and allied sympathizers) that had been kidnapped from Hue during the
Battle for Hue, Tet 68.  The bodies lined the creek-bed on both sides for several
hundreds of meters under 50' high canopy.  Many also had their hands bound behind
their backs.  It is unknown if the enemy had originally intended to murder their
prisoners or it became a tactial necessity due to the difficulty of moving such a
large group without being detected/interdicted coupled with the huge logistical
problems presented by feeding, clothing and moving such a group.  The initial find
mentioned in 1st/502d Inf, 1969 Annual Historical Supplement, 19 Sep 69 entry at p
27.  The event and recovery of those bones drew world-wide attention, and the
citizens of Hue honored the Battalion for returning their loved-ones remains.

Between 1 Jan 69 and Sep 69, Delta company suffered at least 12 KIA-hostile
(including possibly 3 Vietnamese Kit Carson Scouts), 8 KIA(?)  non-hostile and 61
WIA (KIA figures are for outright deaths only and do not include those who may have
died after transport to an Evac Hospital).  By Jun 69, it's estimated the entire
Company roster contained a total of but 40 names!  The Battalion was again awarded
the Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross w/Palm for the period 15 Aug - 14 May 69.

1st/502d Infantry Battalion casualties for the year 1969 totaled: 82 KIA and 213 WIA
(non-mortal).  Its personnel were awarded 1 Distinguished Service Cross, 37 Silver
Stars, 2 Distinguished Flying Crosses, 122 Bronze Stars w/V Device, 57 ARCOMs w/V
Device, 295 Purple Hearts.

After the author joined the Company in Nov 69, combat action died down considerably
as the enemy altered its tactics in order conserve and rebuild its forces, as well
as to allow the political turmoil in the US to weaken America's resolve for
continuing the war effort.

Casualties in 1970 were very light despite the fact the Battalion heavily patrolled
its rugged AO south and west of Hue.  During the author's stay with Delta Company
between Nov 69 & Sep 70, it lost four KIA and about 21 WIA.  The KIA were:
Michael Gross (13 Jun 70); Donnie Smith (3d Plt medic RTO, while TDY to B/3/506th
for Cambodian invasion May 70); Kit Carson Scout Trinh Trong (13 Jun 70) and 3d Plt
Medic Stephen T. Smith (WIA 16 Sep 70, Died of wounds 21 Sep 70).

The Battalion's 1970 Annual Historical Supplement reports the following figures for
that year: Casualties totaled 8 KIA, 52 WIA.  Awards included 3 Silver Stars, 23
Bronze Stars w/V Device, 15 ARCOMs w/V Device, 60 Purple Hearts.

Apparently action picked-up again in 1971, and the Battalion was again awarded the
Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross w/Palm for the period 1 Mar - 9 Oct 71.
Otherwise we know nothing about its experience during that period.

  Company Commanding Officers:

   COs were: CPTs Al Greenhouse, Jack Justice, Gregory F. Mills, Danny
   Trew, Henry Hammond, Richard C.Miller (KIA), Garry W. Thornley, Peter
   J. Grasser, Steven Rader, Roger Compton, Nightingale

  Battalion Commanding Officers:

   LTC Davis    ?- 10 Nov 68
   LTC Carter   10 Nov 68 to ?
   LTC Bishop

  LTC Keener
  LTC Arvid West

Vietnam Firebases/locations occupied by D Company & 1st/502d in Vietnam:

  An Lo Bridge (YD 623-303 Mar - Jul 68)
  Ap Do Trong (B/C Co hvy contact here 3 Mar 68, YD 671-311, Bn CO wounded
    in C&C, Bn S-2 DOA)
  Ap Dong Lang (8Mar68, YD-680-318, A Co hvy contact, 4 KIA, 23 WIA, 3
  Ap Duc Trong (YD 67-3, 9-11 Mar 68, Bn hvy contact, 8 KIA, 17 WIA, 2 MIA/KIA)
  Ap Kim Ngoc (village)
  Ap Lai Xa (A Co hvy contact 29 Feb 68, then moved there 2 Mar 68, YD 638-310)
  Camp Eagle (originally LZ El Paso)
  Camp Evans (first visit Mar 68)
  Camp Hockmuth (Phu Bai, HQ Jan 70 - Feb 72)
  Camp Periera (Americal AO)
  Chu Lai (Americal AO)
  Chu Lai Beach (Americal AO R&R site)
  Col Co Beach POL Farm (aka Cocao or Eagle Beach)
  Cu Chi (15 Dec 68 - 28 Jan)
  Dong A Tay
  Eagle Beach R&R Site (aka Col Co Beach POL Farm)
  FSB Apache (YD, somewhere in Thua Thien Prov.  Recon here 26 Oct 68)
  FSB Arrow
  FSB Arsenal (YD 818-080)
  FSB Bastogne
  FSB Birmingham (YD 704-101, aka Hill 90, appx 12 km SSW of Hue on Hwy
    547.  Charlie Co appears to have been the first of the Bn to be here,
    lifted in 18 Nov 68)
  FSB Blaze
  FSB Blitz
  FSB Boxer (Americal AO)
  FSB Brick
  FSB Forward
  FSB Georgia (YD 420-033, Aka Hill 1242 (4,074').  FSB appx 3 km NW of
    FSB Berchtesgarden and 3 km SE of FSB Eagle's Nest on NE edge of A
    Shau Valley, D Co here 11 - 21 Aug 68)
  FSB Hardcore
  FSB Henry
  FSB Hustler (Americal AO)
  FSB Lash
  FSB Nola (YD 617-302, variation in spelling of Nora?  Gen Cushman's
    memoir lists a FSB Nola at this location and 68 Bn Hist Supp says
    there was a FSB Nora in almost exactly the same location)
  FSB Nora (YD 617-302?, Feb - Mar 68, possibly Nola?  Was 14 km NW of Hue,
    Quang Dien District)
  FSB O'Reilly
  FSB Omaha (YD, location unknown or if it was even a FSB.  Recon here,
    16-17 Nov 68)
  FSB Panther (26 element of A Co OPCON to 2d/50st here, 21 Nov 68)
  FSB Pinky
  FSB Pistol
  FSB Professional (Americal AO)
  FSB Rakkasan
  FSB Rifle
  FSB Sandy (YD 877-247, portion of Charlie Co here 16 Dec 68 after being
    OPCON 1st/501st)
  FSB Strike (YD 615-235, constructed by C Co beginning 19 Mar 68)
  FSB T-Bone (YD 65-20, C Co first unit of Bn here, 16 Oct 68)
  FSB Veghel
  FSB Zon
  Hai Lang (Feb 68)
  Hua Duc HQ (Americal AO)
  Huong Tra District (Thua Thien Prov)
  Hwy 547 (Camp Eagle, FSBs Birmingham, Bastogne and Veghel et al, were
    along this road.  Led from Hue to A Shau Valley, built in 68 by 36th
  Hwy 551 (YD 826-312 was its NE end at LCU Ramp, Tan My.  Bn pulled
    security of POL line and pump stations along this road that ran from
    vicinity og Eagle Beach to NE corner of Hue)
  Hwy 554 (YD 690-342, ran NE from its intersection with QL-1 at YD
    623-304 (An Lo Bridge), to its terminus near Quang Dien at listed
    grid. Was only appx 8 km in length.  See Quang Dien)
  LCU Ramp, Tan My (YD 826-312)
  LZ El Paso (later Camp Eagle)
  LZ Gold (Jan 68)
  LZ Jane (Feb 68)
  LZ Sally (helped construct, Feb - Mar 68; Bn HQ Apr 68-?, Nov 69 - Mar 70,
    aka Van Xa)
  LZ X-Ray (7 Jan 68 - 10 Jan 68)
  Nam Hoa (village, Nam Hoa District HQ)
  Nam Hoa District (Thua Thien Prov, inc FSBs Arrow, Birmingham, Rifle,
    Pohl Bridge, Pistol, Arsenal, Camp Eagle, Phu Bai, Veghel et al.)
  Nui Hoan Gay (Hill 434, aka Bananna Mtn)
  Nui Hoan Gay (Hill 434, Banana Mtn)
  Nui Hon Vuon (Hill 309, T-Bone)
  Nui Ke (Hill 618)
  Nui Mo Tau
  Phong Dien Bridge (10 Apr 68, YD 52-34, on QL-1, appx 3 km NW Camp Evans)
  Phu Vang (YD 783-269, D Co here 5 Oct 68, other Companies here in Oct 68
    as well)
  Phuc Yen (A Co OPCON 1/501st, 29 Apr - 1 May 68, for Battle of Phuoc Yen)
  Pohl Bridge (aka Nam Hoa Bridge)
  QL-1 (Quang Tri to Phu Bai)
  Quang Dien District (Thua Thien Prov)
  Quang Dien District HQ (YD 687-341, just E of Hwy 554 at its NE
    terminus, 7 km N of QL 1, 6.5 km SE of the Gulf of Tonkin and 10 km
    NNW of Hue City., 1st/502d Bn HQ on 31 Dec 68)
  Quang Tri (Jan - Mar 68)
  Tam Ky (Americal AO)
  Tan My LCU Ramp (YD 826-312)
  Thon My Chan Bridge (YD 460-400)
  Utah Beach (aka Wunder Beach)
  Van Xa (near LZ Sally)
  W-Shaped Village (YD 698-304, 6 Mar 68, D Co hvy contact w/2 NVA Cos, 5
    KIA, 25 WIA, 2 MIA)
  Wunder Beah (aka Utah Beach)

  Operations Involving the 1st/502d Infantry were:

     1968:     Battle for Hue, Jeb Stuart Feb 68 - 10 Mar 68 (opcon 1st Bde,
               1st Cav); Carentan, 10 Mar 68 - 19 Apr 68; Carentan II (Lam
               Son 216) 19Apr68-17 May 68, Nevada Eagle (Lam Son 224)
               16 May 68 - 15 Aug 68?

     1969:     Nevada Eagle, Sherman Peak, Massachusetts Striker, Lamar
               Plains (opcon 23d Inf Div- Americal), Claireborne Chute,
               Republic Square, Randolph Glen

     1970:     Randolph Glen, Texas Star, Jefferson Glen
     1971:     ?
     1972:     ?

Following is a listing of, and grid locations for, most of the Firebases & Base
Camps used by the 101st Abn Div in I Corps during the Vietnam War.

   A Listing of I Corps Fire Support Base/Base Camp Locations,
                  Republic of Vietnam, 1965-72

  Firebase      Grid Coordinates*   Name/Hill Height in Meters/info

  A Luoi            YD 386-000     Laos, Lam Son 719, ARVN Abn
  A Shau                           Village & Sp Forces Camp/airbase
  A-1               YD 270-236     Also listed as 270-732?
  A-2               YD 214-738
  A-3               YD 174-721
  A-4               YD 113-703     Con Thien
  Airborne          YD 354-071
  Alpine            XD 761-531
  Americal 1st Bde FSSE  BT 290-230     ???
  An Loc                           Americal?
  Angel             YD 186-487
  Anne              YD 559-039     Also Spelled "Ann"
  Anzio             YD 929-072
  Apache            YD 629-222
  Argonne           XD 756-532
  Arrow             YD 798-107     aka Panther II
  Arsenal           YD 818-080     FSB aka Nui Khe Tre or Hill 140, 2d Bde,
                                     1st/502d Inf 69-71, 8 Km  SW of Phu Bai,
                                     10 km ESE of FSB Birmingham, 9 km SE of
                                     Pohl Bridge, 7 km SE of Nam Hoa Dist HQ
                                     and 600 meters E of Song Ta Trach River.
                                     Ground assault 6 Apr 70, against C/1/502d
                                     Inf and 2d/11th Arty, 101st Abn Div.  105mm
                                     & 81mm.  Thua Thien Prov, I Corps.
  Ax                ZC 002-910
  Ba Long                          12th Mar Arty  67, 6-105mm
  Baldy                            Americal, aka LZ Baldy
  Banana Mountain                  Hill 434, prominent terrain feature in
                                   1st/502d Inf AO, 3Km N of Nui Ke
  Barbara           YD 329-337     also listed as 328-336
  Barnett           XD 199-322

  Bastogne          YD 620-095     FSB Due west of FSB Birmingham along
    Hwy 547, and appx 25 km WSW of Hue.  Built in 68 by 2d Bde, 101st Abn
    Div.  175mm cannons here could just reach the N end of the A Shau
    Valley in support of the 1st Cav and 1st Bde of the 101st during
    operation Delaware.  Built-up for that operation by the 1st Bde of the
    101st in preparation for that op.  Was scene of heavy fighting and
    overrun and occupied by NVA forces during both the 1972 Easter
    Offensive and the 1975 Final Offensive.  81MM, 105mm, 8", 175mm
    Arty and 40mm Dusters of 3d/5th Cav here at various times.  Also
    listed at 625-095?  Thua Thien Prov, I Corps.

  Bayonet                          Americal.  Vicinty of Chu Lai and
                                   adjacent QL-1 on its W side.
  Berchtesgarden    YD 423-004     also listed as 43-01 or 42-01
  Betty             YD 339-501
  Bible             XD 945-623
  Birmingham, FSB   YD 704-101     FSB aka Hill 90, appx 12 km SSW of Hue
    City along Hwy 547 just N of the Song Huu Trach (W branch of the
    Perfume River) and appx 8 km?  E of FSB Bastogne.  Built by 326th Eng
    and 1/502d Inf, 2d Bde 101st Abn during Operation Jeb Stuart, Mar or
    Apr 68?.  Named in honor of Plt Sgt Edward A. Birmingham, KIA 2 Oct 67,
    who drowned while trying to rescue a man caught in the middle of a
    river crossing & under fire.  Overrun in 72 Offensive and 1975
    Final Offensive.  Built by the 326th Eng and elements of the 101st Abn
    Div's 2d Bde USMC Tac Air navigation unit, 326th Engs (326th Eng HQ?),
    81MM, 105mm, 8", 175mm Arty and 40mm Dusters of 3d/5th Cav?  Do
    not confuse with 1st Cav FSB, or Americal FSB with same name.  Thua
    Thien Prov, I Corps.  Not to be confused with Americal's LZ Birmingham
    NW of Chu Lai.
  Blaze             YD 539-023
  Blitz             YC 766-962
  Boise             YC 941-970
  Boxer             BS 311-197     Americal, built 1 Aug 69 by 1st/502d Inf
  Boyd              YD 735-134
  Bradley           YD 278-119     also listed as 278-122, Hill 1021
  Brick             YC 835-995     Hill 132, 2d Bde, 101st 69-71
  Bronco                           Americal
  Bullet            YD 490-143
  C-1               YD 213-672
  C-2               YD 137-647
  C-3               YD 143-611
  C-4               YD 313-725
  Ca Lu             YD 012-455     14 km S, 4 Km E of Rockpile, 12th Mar
                                     Arty,  67, 6-105mm
  Cam Lo            YD 130-593     12th Mar Arty  67, two 155mm
  Camp Brooks                      Da Nang
  Camp Carrol       YD 063-547     aka Camp J.J. Carroll, 12th Mar Arty
                                   67, 6-175mm, 4- 155mm, 6-105mm
  Camp Hockmuth     YD             Phu Bai
  Camp Eagle        YD             Between Phu Bai & Hue, W of QL1,
                                   Originally named LZ El Paso when 2d Bde
                                   of 101st Abn landed there in Feb 68,
                                   en route Quang Tri, also 1st Cav?
  Camp Evans        YD 541-318
  Camp Reasoner                    Hill 327, Da Nang
  Cannon            YD 029-472
  Cates             YD 926-443
  Cathryn           YD 466-112     also listed as Catherine & Kathryn
  Cathy             YD 583-231
  Cecile            YD 379-981     Tre Lit, just West of Hwy 538 in the A
                                   Shau Valley
  Center                           Americal
  Charger Hotel                    Americal stand-down billets, Chu Lai
  Checkmate         YD 633-083     Directly N of Bastogne
  Chu Lai                          Chu Lai Base
  Cindy             YD 192-411     aka Hooker
  Con Thien         YD 113-703     aka "A-4" & Con Thien
                                   Combat base
  Cua Viet          YD 342-698     Port Facility, 12th Mar Arty  67, six
  Cunningham        YD 185-134
  Currahee          YC 402-948
  Cutlass           YC 956-947     ARVN, aka Outpost Cutlass, in FSB Brick AO
  Dallas            YD 104-144
  Da Nang                          Da Nang Air Base
  Davis             YD 252-291
  Destiny           YC 328-981     Hill 937, Dong Ap Bia (Hamburger Hill)
  Dick              YD 142-333
  Dong Ha           YD 245-599     Dong Ha Combat Base
  Dottie                           Americal
  Duc Pho                          Americal
  Eagle's Nest      YD 406-036     Hill 1487
  Eagle Beach       YD 830-330     slightly N of Tan My
  East                             Americal
  Eden              YD 035-385
  El Paso           YD             aka LZ El Paso, 1st Bde 1st Cav base
                                     camp, 1st/502d Jan68, later renamed Camp Eagle
  Erskine           YD 583-231
  Falcon            YC
  Fat City                         Americal
  Fern              XD 929-625
  First             YC 864-833
  Foxy              YC 405-975
  Freedom Hill
  Fuller            YD 019-593
  Fury              YC 534-846
  Georgia           YD 420-033     Hill 1242, E & S of Eagle's Nest, also 419-029
  Geronimo          YD 691-201
  Gio Linh          YD 218-732     12th Mar Arty  67, 4-175mm, 6-105mm
  Gladiator         YD 416-211     Construction started 29 Mar 70
  Goodman           YD 324-078
  Granite           YD 437-190     also listed as 432-197
  Hai Lang          YD 415-479
  Hai Van Pass
  Hammer            ZC 020-941
  Hardcore          YD 450-509     Adjacent Utah Beach, later renamed
                                   Wunder Beach, 1st Cav & 2d
  Hawk              XD 907-401
  Hawk Hill                        Americal
  Heidi             YD 274-273
  Helen             YD 515-219     Hill 674, S of Jack on Rocket Ridge,
                                   also 515-220
  Henderson         YD 081-411     also listed 085-408
  Henry             YD 688-093
  Hill 10                          1st/11th Mar Arty
  Hill 55           AT 965-615     HQ 1st/11th Marines Artillery
  Hill 246          YD 625-144     ARVN FSB built Apr 71 SE of Bastogne
  Hill 309          YD 652-202     Visible from & S of LZ Sally, W of
                                   Geronimo, aka Nui Hon Vuon, scene of
                                   battle for d/2d/501st Inf, 101st Abn
                                   20 Mar 68, later site of FSB T-Bone,
                                   commanding view of Hue

  Hill 327                         1st Mar Div HQ, Division Ridge, 3 Km W
                                   of Da Nang
  Hill 805          YD 362-188     near Ripcord Hoi An
  Holcomb           YD 118-431
  Hooker            YD 192-411     aka Cindy
  Hornet            YD 048-375
  Houng Dien        YD 629-428     Village
  Hua Duc (old)                    Americal
  Hau Duc (new)     BT 073-063     Americal AO, 1st Bde HQ 69
  Hue MACV Compound YD 767-218     estimated
  Hustler           BT 298-030     Americal AO
  Hwy 547                          East/west road to A Shau Valley built
                                   by 101st Div Engineers in 1968.
  Jack              YD 498-282     also listed as 495-285
  Jane              YD 379-437     aka LZ Jane
  Jerome            YD 187-274     also listed as 189-283
  Jose              YD 533-185
  Kham Duc                         Americal?
  Karen                            Americal, aka LZ Karen
  Katy              YD 433-151
  Kelly             YD 404-119     aka LZ Kelly
  Kathryn           YD 466-112     also Listed as "Cathryn"
                                   & 47-11
  Ke Sanh           XD 852-418
  Khe Gio Bridge    YD 026-561
  Ky Ha
  La Vang           YD 344-510     Village
  Lanf Vei          YD 344-510     Village, Lang Vei?
  Lang Vei                         Special Forces Camp S & W of Khe Sahn
  Lang Minh Mang    YD 748-132     Elaborate, walled tomb of Minh Mang, 1 Km SW of
                                     Pohl Bridge near confluence of Song Huu Trach
                                     & Song Ta Trach were they become Song
                                     Huong, the Perfume River.
  Langley           YD 023-358
  Leatherneck       XD 948-312     Hill 2979
  Lejune            XD 968-534
  Liberty Bridge
  Lillian           YC 497-857
  Liz                              Americal
  Long              YD 522-217
  Los Banos         AT 183-134
  Lucy              YC 424-944
  LZ Alpha                         Laos, Lam Son 719, ARVN Abn
  LZ Baldy                         Americal, aka FSB Baldy
  LZ Blue                          Laos, Lam Son 719, Viet Marines
  LZ Bravo                         Laos, Lam Son 719, ARVN Abn
  LZ Brown                         Laos, Lam Son 719, 1st ARVN Div
  LZ Center                        Americal, abandoned 11 Aug 69, 3/21st Inf
  LZ Delta                         Laos, Lam Son 719, Viet Marines
  LZ Delta 1                       Laos, Lam Son 719, 1st ARVN Div
  LZ Don                           Laos, Lam Son 719, Viet Marines
  LZ East                          Americal
  LZ El Paso        YD             aka FSB El Paso, 1st Bde 1st Cav base camp,
                                     1st/502d Jan 68, later renamed Camp Eagle
  LZ Gator                         Americal, S of Chu Lai, rear for
                                     5/46th 198LIB at one time
  LZ Hope                          Laos, Lam Son 719, 1st ARVN Div
  LZ Hotel                         Laos, Lam Son 719, Viet Marines
  LZ Jane           YD 379-437     aka FSB Jane, 1st Cav, 2d Bde 101st Abn 68
                                     while Opcon 1st Cav
  LZ Karen                         Americal
  LZ Kelly          YD 404-119     aka Kelly
  LZ Liz                           Laos, Lam Son 719, 1st ARVN Div
  LZ Lolo                          Laos, Lam Son 719, 1st ARVN Div
  LZ Mary Ann                      Americal, aka FSB Mary Ann
  LZ Moon                          Laos, Lam Son 719, 1st ARVN Div
  LZ Number 30                     Laos, Lam Son 719, ARVN Abn
  LZ Number 31                     Laos, Lam Son 719, ARVN Abn
  LZ Prep                          Americal
  LZ Professional                  Americal, aka FSB Professional
  LZ Ross                          Americal, NW Chu Lai, aka LZ Ross, SW Marble
  LZ Sally          YD 639-275     near PK-17 & just N of Hue, 2d Bde, 101st Abn
                                     68/69, 1/321st Arty, C Bty, 2/11th Arty (155mm)
  LZ Sharon         YD 340-497     aka FSB Sharon
  LZ Sharon         YD 340-497     aka FSB Sharon
  LZ Sophia                        Laos, Lam Son 719, 1st ARVN Div
  Mai loc           YD 094-444     Village
  Marble Mountain                  MMAF, Marble Mountain Air Facility
  Mary Ann                         Americal , Overrun & destroyed, late 71
  Maureen           YD 429-122     also listed as 428-119
  Mexico            YD 405-232     also listed as 404-231
  Miami             YD 153-337
  Miguel            YD 485-206     also 484-205, klick N & tad W of Rakkasan
  Miller            YD 973-361
  Minh Mang's Tomb  YD 748-132     Elaborate, walled tomb of Minh Mang, 1 Km SW of
                                     Pohl Bridge near confluence of Song Huu Trach
                                     & Song Ta Trach were they become Song Huong, the
                                     Perfume River, aka Lang Minh
  Mang Mink         YD 985-355
  Mo Duc                           Americal
  Monkey Mountain
  Mooney            YD 445-190     also listed as 445-195, 446-196
  Musket            ZC 094-937
  Nam Hoa Dist HQ   YD763-128      ARVN, RF/PF Compound
  Nancy             YD 425-395
  Neville           XD?            2d/4th Mar, overrun 25 Feb 69, 10 KIA
  Nola              YD             near An Lo Bridge, 1/502d Inf, 68
  Normandy          YD 690-017     Nui Hon
  Nui Hon Vuon      YD 652-202     Hill 309, scene of battle for d/2d/501st Inf,
                                     101st Abn 20 Mar 68, later site of FSB
                                     T-Bone, site of battle 20 Mar 68 involving
                                     D/2d/501st Inf, 101st Abn
  Nui Ke            YD 760-055     Hill 618, 17 Km due S of Hue, prominent terrain
                                     feature in 1st/502d Inf AO; OP for 101st &
                                     scene of 1st/508th Inf, 3d Bde, 82d Abn
                                     (opcon 101st Div) Battle of Nui Ke 68
                                     (included US bayonet charge!); 11 days/189
                                     VC/NVA KIA
  O'Reilly          YD 324-258     Hill 542
  Panther II        YD 798-107     aka Arrow
  Parrot            XD 972-412
  Pedro             YD 250-484
  Peking            XD 937-475
  Pepper            YD 340-026     also listed as 344-024, Dong So
  Phong Dien        YD 528-348     Village
  Phu Bai           YD 885-135     aka Phu Bai Combat Base, Camp Hochmuth
  Phu Bai Airport   YD 885-149
  Pike              YC 664-753     also 666-753
  Pinky                            between LZ Sally & La Chu, W of QL-1,
                                     2d/501st, B/321st Arty, 101st Mar68, named by
                                     2d Bde, 101st Abn CO (Col John Cushman) in
                                     honor of his friend Col. Richard M. Winfield,
                                     whom he met at Ft. Leavenworth KS, and who was
                                     CO 1st Cav Div Arty in 68
  Pistol            YC 902-902
  PK-17             YD 643-286     "Poste Kilometre 17", adjacent 17 Km marker along
                                     QL-1, NW of Hue, ARVN Arty base near LZ Sally,
                                     2d Bde 1st Cav CP moved here 1 Mar 68, HQ
                                     3d Rgt, 1st ARVN Div
  Pohl Bridge       YD 755-144     aka, Nam Hoa Bridge, 7 Km due S of Hue on Song
                                     Huong River of Perfumes; named after Col Richard
                                     S Pohl, KIA 24 Jun 68, helicopter crash. 101st
                                     2d Bde, 1st/502d Inf 81mm Plt & Navy Seabee
                                     fresh water pumping station for Hue (Seabees
                                     had boats & would water ski on occasion!)
                                     Turned over to ARVNs in Mid 1970.  Destroyed in
                                     72 or 75.
  Ponder            YD 977-012
  Professional      BT 173-077     Americal, aka LZ Professional
  Quang Dien        YD 674-336     ARVN District HQ, 1/502d Inf, B/321st Arty 101st
                                     Abn 68, NNW of Hue appx 10 Km, on coast
  Quang Ngai                       Americal
  Quick I           YD 911-041
  Quick II          YD 993-897
  Rakkasan          YD 490-198     Hill 493, Dong Cung Cap, also listed 489-198
  Ranger            YD
  Ranger North                     Laos, Lam Son 719, ARVN Ranger
  Ranger South                     Laos, Lam Son 719, ARVN Ranger
  Razor             YD 142-185     also listed 143-187
  Reasoner                         aka Camp Reasoner
  Rendevous         YC 432-962
  Rifle             YC 462-987
  Rio               YD 505-144
  Ripcord           YD 343-194     C/2/506 secured by ground assault 11Apr70, scene
                                     of Battle for Ripcord May-Jul 70.
  Rock Crusher      ZD 027-003
  Rocket            YC 399-903
  Rockpile          XD 979-559
  Ross                             Americal, NW Chu Lai, aka LZ Ross, SW Marble
                                     Mtn., overrun 19 Aug 72
  Roy               ZD 805-871     also listed 057-028 ?
  Russell           XD 912-592     2d/4th Mar, overrun 25Feb69, 29 KIA
  Sally             YD 639-275     aka LZ Sally
  Sandy             YD 877-247
  Saigon            XD 818-277
  Sarge             YD 028-479     also 038-478, & "Xa'c" Nui Dong Toan, near

  Satan 1           YD 663-222
  Satan II          YD 761-056
  Scotch            XD 912-562
  Semper                           Americal
  Sharon            YD 340-497     aka LZ Sharon
  Shepard           XD 945-420
  Shock             YD
  Sledge            ZC 067-920
  Smith             YD
  Snapper           YD
  Song Bo River                    North of Hue, An Lo Bridge & FSB Nola were 2d
                                     Bde, 101st bases in 68
  Spear             YC 683-921
  Stella            YD 465-244
  Stinson                          Americal
  Strike            YD 576-172     Nui Khe Thai
  Stud              YD 002-493
  Summer            YD 098-443
  Susie             YD 271-423
  Sword             YD 425-312
  T-Bone            YD 652-202     Visible from & S of LZ Sally, W of Geronimo, aka
                                     Nui Hon Vuon or Hill 309, scene of battle for
                                     D/2d/501st Inf, 101st Abn 20 Mar 68, later site
                                     of FSB T-Bone, commanding view of Hue
  Tan My            YD             near Eagle Beach, Ferry & POL facilities there
  Tam Ky
  Tenearu           XD 827-316
  Tennessee         YC 552-961
  Texas             YD 020-356
  Thor              YC 665-835
  Thunder                          Americal
  Tiger Mountain    YD 239-118
  Tiger Tooth Mtn   XD             Due north of Khe Sanh, Dong Voi Mep, at 5500 feet,
                                     Highest terrain feature in northern I Corps
  Thunder           YD 216-176
  Tomahawk          ZD 811-255     also listed 117-014?
  Torch             XD 907-278
  Tra Bong                         Americal
  Tun Tavern        YD 059-328
  Turnage           YD 252-090
  Uptight                          Americal
  Utah Beach                       renamed Wunder Beach 3 Apr 68, Navy Depot (ship
                                     unloading) near Hai Lang, 2d/ 501st Inf, 101st
                                     Abn 68, turned over to 3d/26th 3d Mar Div
                                     17 Apr 68, near FSB Hardcore
  Vandegrift        YD 003-488     at base of hill with FSB Sarge on it
  Veghel            YD 549-036     also listed 55-03, also 550-030 & right on the
                                     "crosshairs",  W of FSB Bastogne on Hwy
                                     547, 2d Bde, 101stt 69/70.
  Abandoned by                               ARVN during  72 easter offensive
  Vic               YC 632-868
  Vinh loc          YD 049-122
  West                             Americal
  Whip              YC 589-877
  Whiskey Tower     BT 018-628          Alpha Battery 1st 11th Marines
  Wunder Beach      YD 494-565     Utah Beach, renamed Wunder Beach 3 Apr 68 Navy
                                     ship unloading facility near Hai Lang, 2d/501st
                                     Inf 101st Abn 68, turned over to 3d/26th 3d Mar
                                     Div 17 Apr 68, near FSB Hardcore
  Zon               YD 472-011
  85th Evac Hosp    YD 879-146     Adjacent to Phu Bai Airport

  (*Grid coordinates are based on Defense Mapping Agency 1:50,000 scale,
  L-7014 Series Maps.  Black & White copies are available from the Library of
  Congress and the National Archives.)

As Complied by Ray "Blackie" Blackman (D/2/501), Chuck Hawkins (A&C/2/506) & Mike
"M-60" Kelley (D/1/502), George Lepre, Ralph (407th/8th Radio Research, 5th Mech
Div), Ken Mayberry (big contribution!), Grant Isom, Rock Roades (11th AC), Jim Pene
(5th/46th Inf), Doug Fisher (D&E 2/501st), Doug Durham (A/3d Recon, 3d Mar Div).
Lee Russell (1/46th Americal)

Corrections and additions are welcomed & encouraged: 2140 36th Street, Sacramento,
CA 95817, (916) 455-1946 or email: kelleyc@ix.netcom.com

revised 30 Mar 97 - fsbloc.doc)

  Vietnam Military MAP Acquisition:

Here are sources for ordering copies of the exact same 1:50,000 scale topographical
maps (L-7014 Series, used at the platoon level in Vietnam) and the convenient,
larger scale L-509 Series, 1:250,000 scale:

Both the Library of Congress and the National Archives, Cartographic Branch, have
good map resources and you should find them most helpful.  Be advised that the
copies are black & white (perhaps some day soon they'll acquire color copy

The copies are relatively inexpensive and the quality of reproduction is quite good.
They're apparently done in some oversize Xerox machine, so the image is standard
Xerox-on-bond and is both durable and long lived (none of that thermal crap).  (In
past years I was also able to acquire the actual, full-color maps from the Defense
Mapping Agency after - some string pulling with DOD Public Affairs - however, DMA no
longer allows civilian access.  If you know someone on active duty, they may be able
to order maps from DMA for you on the sly, though I would never condone the misuse
of government property or privilege!)

  Order maps from:

          Cartographic & Architectural Branch (NNSC)
          National Archives & Record Administration (NARA)
          8601 Adelphi Road
          College Park MD 20740-6001   (as of 2/95)

          (I have little personal experience with this resource and use Library of
          Congress almost exclusively)


          Geography & Map Division
          Library of Congress
          Washington, DC 20540
          202-707-8531 FAX

To order maps from the Library of Congress, you can call and get a quote and then
mail them a check or credit card OK.  You can also fax them your credit card
number/exp date with any order.  Charge is $2.00 per lineal foot, so the standard
L7014 series, 1:50,000 scale map is runs between $4 and $6.  Be sure to request an
L-7014 Series Index map first which I believe they will send you for free!  Staff is
very helpful...

L-509 Series maps are available there, too.  They are 1:250,000 and cover a lot more
territory that the L-7014 maps.  For example, sheet # NE-48-16, entitled
"Hue" (Indochina & Laos, 1962) covers an area from the Hai Van Pass
north to above the DMZ and west to beyond the Vietnamese/Laos border.  It has good
topo detail and is an excellent resource.

  Casualty Information, How to find and purchase it:

Center for Electronic Records / Army TAGCEN File: A major source of combat casualty
information is the National Archive's, Center for Electronic Record's, Army combat
casualty file (TACGEN file, casualties world-wide, 1961-1981) that provides the grid
co-ordinates where many casualties occurred, the casualty's service/SSN number, the
Division he or she was assigned to at time of death and unit, among other things.

You can by printouts of deaths for a specific date(s) or by name.  You can also buy
the entire KIA/Dead file on tape or disk(?)  for about $80(?).  Contact:

          National Archives at College Park
          Center for Electronic Records
          TAGCEN Army Casualty File
          8601 Adelphi Road
          College Park, MD 20740-6001
          tel. 301-713-6645   e-mail  cer@arch2.nara.gov

         (Chuck Kretzer, 2/97 & Gene Keating, 3/95, were good contacts)

When you combine the maps & TAGCEN file data sources, you can often pinpoint the
actual map location of many combat actions.  By the way, the TAGCEN file also
includes wounded and injured personnel but that data is kept confidential because it
includes Social Security numbers.  Very few people know about this stuff, so it's
our job to see that the word is spread!

Presidential libraries, Letters of Condolence: Another little known casualty
resource are the Presidential libraries.  Did you know that the Johnson and Nixon
libraries have microfilm of all the letters of condolence sent to a casualty's
families during that president's term?  Amazingly enough, those copies include the
addresses to which the letters were mailed and a casualty report specifying the unit
and location where death occurred!  That info has helped find families when every
other resource has failed.  We only discovered this one about two years ago, and it
has resolved some very tough cases for us.

  Detailed Army Battalion Unit Histories - Two Types Available:

US Army Battalion Daily Journals and Battallion Annual Historical Supplements are
vital resources for reconstructing the daily activities of a Battalion during its
Vietnam tour (or any other period of its history) are now available at the National
Archives (declassified in late 80's or early 90's) The Annual Historical Supplement
is a day-by-day accounting of the battalion's activites that is normally about eight
days per page.  The Daily Journal is a very detailed accounting on an hour-by-hour
basis of the entire battalions movements, discoveries and casualties.  The daily
Journal is very detailed and includes the grid coordinates of every element of the
battalion throughout the day and in some cases even the names and SSN/Service
numbers of casualties.  As a result, a single day can be 20-30 pages of detailed

The National Archives also has Brigade and Division annual historical supplements
and probably a wealth of other information.  There is a charge for copies provided
to the civilian population but its likely the Army could get copies for free or
allow you to send a representative there to make your own copies - call and ask
what's available and how to get it.  Contact:

               The National Archives
               Washington Records Center
               Suitland Reference Branch
               4205 Suitland Road
               Suitland, MD 20408

               (301) 763-7410  (Rick Poland or Kristen Flint were helpful in 6/94)

  Unit Rosters and Company Morning Reports:

These documents are available from the NPRC in St. Louis.  As with the Bn Daily
Journal, there are charges for civilians but probably not for official Army
inquiries.  Many of their records are on microfilm and some are barely legible.  I
don't think it would be too difficult to compile a complete record of practically
every person who has served with the 1st/502d!  The rosters include Service Numbers
up to mid 1969, then Social Security Numbers thereafter.  Such records are very
valuable if you want to track down individuals who might have vital data in their
possession.  A great resource.

                    National Personnel Records Center
                    Army Records Branch
                    9700 Page Blvd.
                    St. Louis, MO 63132

Whatever you do, don't overlook the US Army Center for Military History in the
Washington D.C.  area.  I only have an old phone number for the Army History Center
at (202) 504-5420.

  Roster Of Organizations:

Still available indirectly from the Dept of the Army, HQDA (SAPA-CR), Washington,
DC 20310, AUTOVON 224-0739, or (202) 694-0739.  Lists a host of organizations and
unit associations that may be of assistance.  (had been discontinued but taken over
by a pvt individual who sells the list for $12, his cost.  HQDA can tell you how to

  To Find former military personnel, the very best resource available is:

               Lt. Col. Richard Johnson, USA Ret., Author
               How to Locate Anyone Who Was ever in The Military
               P.O Box 340081
               Ft. Sam Houston, TX 78234
               (Costs about $25 & worth every penny.)

   A Comparison of the 101st Airborne Division's Experience
                 in World War Two and Vietnam

  The 101st Division in World War Two:

The Division was in combat for a total of 7 months and 22 days in all of WWII.
Periods it was in combat were:

  6 Jun 44 - 13  Jul  44     1 month,  7 days    Air Assault, Normandy France
 17 Sep 44 - 28 Nov 44       2 Months, 8 days    Air Assault, Nijmegen-Arnem Holland
 19 Dec 44 - 25 Feb 45       3 Months, 4 days    Belgium, Bastogne
  4 Apr 45 -  7 May 45       1 Month,  3 days    Germany

  During WWII, 101st Division's Casualties were:

     1,766  Killed in Action
     6,388  Wounded in Action
     8,154  Total

  The 101st in Vietnam:

  During the Vietnam War the 101st Division's Casualties were:

      4,011  Killed in Action
     18,259  Wounded in Action
     22,270  Total

Note that the Division's Vietnam casualties were almost three times greater than
those it suffered in WWII (a factor of 2.73 times, to be exact).  It suffered 2.27
times as many battle deaths and 2.86 times as many wounded.

The 1st Brigade of the 101st spent a total of about 2,200 days in combat (6.09
years), while the full Divison (including the 2d & 3d Brigades spent a total of
1,573 days (4.31 years) in combat.  That combat exposure is in significant contrast
to the 7 month, 22 day total, WWII combat experience of the Division.  Given the
casualty data from both conflicts, it seems reasonable to conclude that the Division
saw much more combat in Vietnam than it did in WWII, while it's combat exposure in
WWII was more intensive, relative to the time of exposure.

          101st Abn Division Operations in Vietnam:

1st Brigade arrived Vietnam, July 1965 and operated out of Phan Rang, in II Corps
area alone.  In December, 67, the remaining 2d and 3d Brigades arrived in-country
and were originally deployed in the III Corps area, while the 1st Brigade continued
operations in II Corps.  In 1968 portions of the the Division where placed under the
operational control of the 1st Cavalry Division in I Corps and participated in the
Battle for Hue during TET 68.  In Apr/May of 1968, the Division moved north to I
Corps and began operations in Quang Tri and Thua Thien Provinces.

In July, 1969, the Division was converted from an airborne qualified status to a
full Airmobile status.

The 3d Brigade was sent to the Dak To Highlands in Mid-68 and elements of that unit
were later sent down to reinforce the 25th Inf Div around Saigon.  In Sep 68, the 3d
brigade redeployed to I Corps at Phong Diem (Just north of Camp Evans and south of
Quan Tri).

The 3rd Battalion, 506th Infantry operated out of Phan Thiet for most of the war and
did not participate in any joint operations with any other elements of the 101st
during the entire war.  In May 1970, it was the only element of the 101st to
participate in the Invasion of Cambodia.

Along with the 1st ARVN Division, the 101st conducted the last major offensive
operation (Jefferson Glen) of America's involvement in Vietnam.  On 12 Nov 71,
President Nixon put all remaining US troops on a purely defensive status.

(The author served as a rifleman & machine Gunner with D/1/502d Infantry from
10 Nov 69 until badly wounded near FSB Blitz on 16 Sep 70.  He also coordinates an
informal association of Delta Vietnam vets (more than 100 strong in membership as
of Mar 72) and publishes an occasional newsletter for the association.

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