I arrived in Vietnam at Tan Son Nhat Air Force Base on 7 June 1971, stayed a few days at a replacement depot at Long Binh, then flew north to Quang Tri. After about a week at the Red Devil Replacement Depot (which closed down as soon as the group I was with left it) I was assigned to 1st Platoon, C Troop Third Squadron 5th U.S. Cavalry (3/5 Cav), 9th Infantry Division, then billeted at Dong Ha Combat Base. At that time 3/5 Cav was attached to 1/5 Mech, but that unit stood down and about a month after I arrived in 3/5 cav we were attached to the 101st Airborne Division. Shortly after that we relocated our quarters to Quang Tri Combat Base. I remained with 3/5 Cav until it stood down in Vietnam. I accompanied the Troop's vehicles to Da Nang by sea via LST590 from the Tan My Ferry near Hue City to Da Nang. With an interruption by Category 2 Typhoon Hester on 23 and 24 October 1971 we cleaned and turned in vehicles and equipment in Da Nang then returned to Quang Tri briefly by air before I flew back south to Phu Bai for my next assignment with D Co 1/502d Infantry (AMBL), 101st Airborne Division (AMBL).

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