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November 1997 Newsletter

8 November TRAIL & SKI ANNUAL GEAR SALE: Troop 105 and Trail & Ski have an auction of slightly used (rental) camping and hiking equipment at Westwood Shopping Center, 10:00 a.m.

15-16 November ANDERSONVILLE HISTORICAL HIKE AND CAMPING TRIP: The Andersonville Prison Civil War Cemetery, Andersonville National Cemetery, and National Prisoner of War Museum will be thoroughly explored as part of a recognized Scout Historical Hike. Each Patrol will complete a lengthy questionaire as they hike from place to place along a specified route in order to earn a special patch for the hike. The hike will end in the (tiny) town of Andersonville. We will camp overnight in a primitive campsite on National Park land across the highway from the cemetery. The campsite has water, but no restroom facilities. Our Scouts will have an opportunity to dig latrines; a new experience for some. Andersonville is a few miles north of Americus, Georgia, and is about 150 miles north of Tallahassee. We need at least one parent on this trip in addition to the registered adult leaders.

5, 6, or 7 December CHRISTMAS WREATH PICKUP & DELIVERY: Wreaths ordered for our Troop fund raiser will be delivered before 8 December. It is most necessary that parents help their Scouts by promptly picking the wreaths up as soon as phone notification is given that the shipment has arrived.

13 & 14 December ATTAPULGUS HIKE & CAMPING TRIP: Patsy Posner and Roger Campbell have extended an open invitation for our troop to camp on their farm near Attapulgus and we have done so several times already. We have an orienteering (compass) course set up there which makes it a perfect place for our newer scouts to meet an important requirement for First Class Scout rank. This farm has many wooded ravines and creeks and is a more scenic place to camp than any of the state parks we have been to recently. We do not have a hiking route set up there, but I hope to work with Roger to set one up before this trip. Attapulgus is just north of Havana, Florida, about 30 miles from Tallahassee.

13 December SUWANNEE RIVER AREA COUNCIL GARAGE SALE: After the Troop leave for Attapulgus is a perfect time for the parents to go to the Scout Council garage sale at North Monroe Cinema. Maybe you will find a bargain on Scouting equipment... 8 a.m. till noon.

24-25 January 1998 RATTLESNAKE ROUNDUP: The Troop has attended the Rattlesnake Roundup in Whigham, Georgia, several times in the past. These have been day trips. There are tentative plans to include this event in another camping trip to Attapulgus. This one needs further discussion and development.

13-15 February 1998 OLUSTEE BATTLE REENACTMENT: The Troop attended the actual shooting part of this reenactment last year, but missed much of the informational part that was intended. Do we want to try it again and get it right this time...? This one is still incubating. Do the parents have advice on it?

HOOTCH PRESERVATION AND CLEANUP: Our co-sponsor, Vietnam Veterans of America Big Bend Chapter 96, has asked us to take additional steps to keep the meeting facility that they provide for us clean and undamaged. I will be asking the Troop Committee for guidance on payment for damages to the facility caused by Scouts. It may be necessary to ask that individual Scouts and parents pay for damages such as the fan and light fixture broken recently. These damages were due to bona fide accidents, but nevertheless someone must pay for the repairs. Advice from parents on how to handle these situations will be appreciated.

SCOUTMASTER'S MINUTE: The Scoutmaster's Minute is traditionally an opportunity for the Scoutmaster to "wax philosophical" about this, that, ot the other. In keeping with that tradition, I will talk a bit about time: Time is a wonderful and elastic thing. It took us about two hours to get on the road to the airshow at Eglin a few days ago, but only a few moments in the cold, dark and rain to break camp and head back to Tallahassee when violent weather threatened. Scouting time is time spent doing things and learning things way beyond what is taught in schools. To get the most out of scouting, a Scout not only has to attend meetings and outings regularly, but he also needs to work regularly on scouting "requirements" for rank and merit badges at home. Long after those badges are gathering dust in the back of an older man's closet, the knowledge gained in earning them will still serve him in good stead in everyday life. In some ways time is not elastic at all.

Richard White, Scoutmaster

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