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February 1998 Newsletter

15 February 1998 BATTLE OF OLUSTEE REENACTMENT This is NOT a camping trip. Olustee was a Civil War battle that occurred on 20 February 1864. Every year a large group of "re-enactors" gather on the battle site and engage in mock combat there. They make every attempt to dress, camp and fight as actual Civil War soldiers would have done. Their camps are open for visitation. Scouts who attend will eat breakfast at home or on the way to the Hootch and will meet at the Hootch at 6:30 on the morning of Sunday, 15 February. There is no equipment to be organized and loaded. The time from 6:30 to 6:45 will be spent collecting permission forms and gasoline money and assigning seating. To assist with speedy departure, parents may also bring permission forms and gasoline money to the scout meeting on 11 February. The Troop will depart for Olustee at 6:45 a.m. on 15 February. Anyone arriving at the Hootch after 6:45 a.m. is not going to Olustee. All scouts must wear their "class A" scout uniform, bring a bag lunch and beverage (not in a glass bottle), and bring a canteen or plastic water bottle. Scouts should dress very warmly and carry a rain coat or poncho. No ice chests or coolers are allowed. Because driving time will be long, scouts may bring CD players or games which do not make sounds audible to the drivers. Money should also be brought as follows: (1) Gas money - $7.00; (2) Supper money - approximately $5.00 (for fast food on the road); (3) Whatever amount of money parents allow for souvineers [scouts will NOT be allowed to buy whips, knives or similar items unless parents give written permission ]; (4) and [subject to confirmation] an admission fee estimated to be $1.00. Return to the Hootch is planned for 6:30 p.m., however, parents should wait for a call.

February is TROOP 96 RECHARTER MONTH Registration fees for all scouts who sold at least $100.00 in Christmas wreathes will be paid by the Troop. Those scouts selling no wreathes are required to pay $22.00 for membership renewal and Boys Life. This money can come from scout accounts if funds are available there, otherwise the scout's parents must pay the registration fee or any portion thereof not covered by wreath sales income or scout account money.

Now VENTURE CREW The older scouts of the troop have held their first meeting as a Venture Hiking Crew and have decided to begin meeting on Saturday mornings to plan their first Venture outing. No definite starting date for these meetings was set. At least 10, and possibly 12 meetings of the Venture Crew are required before they can start a 7 day hiking venture.

4-30 March CANDY SALES Preliminary information suggests that scout candy sale prices may have doubled. The product has apparently changed. The Troop Committe is very dubious that we should be involved this year. However, we do need more funds for the Troop and the candy sale (sponsored annually by the scout council) can benefit the council and the individual scouts as well as the Troop. Stand by for further information.

20-22 March PAUL BUNYAN CAMPOREE This is a council-sponsored event in which the Troop intends to participate. However, other than the dates, as yet we have received no details from the council about this event. When details are received, I will pass them on.

11-12 (?) April we hope to RENDEZVOUS with the Jefferson Rifles in a living history event focusing on the 1840 (Second Seminole War) era of Florida history. Again, details are lacking, but they will be passed on as soon as they are received.

23-25 April PANHANDLE CAMPING TRIP We plan to camp overnight in one of several State Parks to the west of Tallahassee. The exact camp will be selected at a later date.

SCOUTMASTER'S  MINUTE I enjoy doing this job, or I wouldn't do it. But leading this Troop is a particular challenge because so many of the scouts in it have one or another learning disorder. The amount of sheer chaos that can evoke is sometimes quite apalling. You just can't imagine what it is like until you stand at the center and find that there is no center and that virtually every individual scout is off in a world of his own doing the wrong thing at the wrong time and in the wrong place. It's worse when the Troop's adults are working at cross-purposes too. I know how to growl orders. That is definitely not my preferred manner. I don't want either to growl or to give orders, but if I have to I can. Over the next few weeks I will be speaking privately and purposefully to several parents and some of the scouts (especially the junior leaders) about some small things that I think have gotten in the way lately. Each of these things is small in its own right, but put together they have a peculiar way of periodically causing serious dysfunction in the Troop. If this quiet, behind-the-scenes approach doesn't work, WATCH OUT! You may find out why my Wood Badge clan is the BEAR!!!

Richard White

Published 6 February 1998

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